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I am a Gay guy that gives straight- gay - bi males unforgettable erotic massage Experiences

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Busy and demanding lifestyle? A Lingam Massage will melt you away with intense explosive Orgasms.

What is a Lingan massage?

Experience amazing arousal with a real Man on Man Massage In Central London.

Honouring men’s sexual organ the Lingam

Honouring men’s sexual organ the Lingam

In tantra, lingam massage is an integral aspect of both honouring and nurturing the male sexual organ. The name ‘lingam’ is Sanskrit for ‘the wand/rod of light.’ Honouring and nurturing the lingam with a lingam massage is appropriate and desirable according to ancient tantra, since this organ is both the storehouse and conduit of tantra energy and sensual pleasure in the...

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Happiness  Massage

Happiness Massage

Orgasm, if it is attained during a tantra lingam massage, is at best to be considered a happy incidental event. It is not only the shaft of the penis itself that is massaged during a lingam massage. The massage should include the perineum, as well as the testicles and prostate. Contrary to common belief, the experience is not always something that an uninitiated man is entirely comfortable with. This is especially true if the man is typically focused on performance, since a tantra lingam massage is not about male sexual performance but about surrendering to passive, externally applied pleasure....

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How does it all flows?

How does it all flows?

The massage begins with the man lying on his back with his head propped up sufficiently to gaze up at his partner. Likewise, his hips should be propped up, his legs slightly spread and knees partially bent. Prior to the actual lingam massage, both the giver and receiver should engage in a long moment of tantra breathing in order to relax and get into the right spirit of the ritual. The partner then anoints the lingam and testicles with fragrant oil and starts the massage at the testicles. Obviously, this must be done with utmost care, and with careful observation of the man’s face for any sign of discomfort or actual pain. Particular emphasis should be given to the perineum, where the partner should linger long enough to relax this sensitive area between the anus and testicles. The massage then proceeds to scrotum, the area of the pubic bone and further upwards. Continue reading here for more of my london lingam gay bi or just curious massage...

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How is it performed?

How is it performed?

The partner then proceeds to apply gentle, uniform hand pressure on the base of the lingam, working slowly upwards. A good technique is to use alternate hands, pulling upwards and releasing rhythmically and then reversing the process, beginning at the head of the lingam and stroking downwards. The lingam may get alternately rigid and flaccid during the tantra lingam massage. This is of little consequence and does not reflect on the efficacy of the massage. On completion, the receiver should rest for several minutes either in utter quietness or to the strains of soft music. These are the basic tantra techniques that go into a full-fledged tantra lingam massage. Your tantra teacher will instruct you in advanced methods that deliver the utmost benefit of this healing, rejuvenating tantra...

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Testimonials section

These are some comments received from clients

He has a wonderful touch and is most intuitive in massaging all the right places with appropriate pressure.

It was an excellent experience from beginning to end. When I came in we discussed what would be best for my massage experience and took it from there. The massage was an excellent combination of gently all the way to firm motions that really made me feel relaxed.

My self esteem was quite low when I arrived, and he took the time to sit and chat first, so to boost my comfort level. Once he had me on the table, he simply worked magic! He’s just as handsome on the inside as he is on the outside,

He is just gorgeous! With a warm smile and easy conversation he made me feel at ease at once. The pressure perfect and the combination of sensual and therapeutic simple wonderful.

You made me feel safe and loved during a very stressful work week and for that I can’t thank you enough. If anyone is looking for a kind, trustworthy therapist who actually is trained in the art of massage therapy

Marco’s hands are as great as the rest of his body. He paid attention to all my muscles and made me comfortable the entire time.

I am so glad I found you, my London MAssage Therapist search is over. Your energy and compassion is a wonderful change in my experience. Your touch is beyond words, nurturing, firm and direct. The blend of your therapy is also another strong point, you have intent and passion within you.

I arrived at his clean ┬ároom, set up and proceeded to give me a most enjoyable massage. He asked about my problem areas and he discovered some that I didn’t know about. He is a calming presence who quickly put me at ease. Great Orgasm Guaranteed!

He truly understands how the body works. His incorporation of therapeutic mixed with elements of both sensual and erotic truly makes it a complete therapy from beginning to end.

The massage was amazing. His massage was unhurried, and sensitive, and he checked in with me on pressure and technique. We talked for a minute and then started the massage to some great music.

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