absolute premier male masseur in central London

My goal is to give every individual a great experience, regardless of your age or shape- all are welcome. As well as a wonderful m4m experience, I excel at Swedish, Sports, and Deep Tissue massage. Give yourself the gift of erotic touch, relaxation and pleasure! Here is your challenge to let go of yourself and sink into deep relaxation and reinvigorating touch!
I offer you M4M bodywork that is sensual, erotic, therapeutic and in some ways amazing! I guarantee that you’ll leave my table having had massage experience you won’t soon forget! As a Sacred Intimate my work with men varies. It always starts with massage and can go in many different directions from there. Are you looking for something different in your man to man experience?

As you surrender to the sensations and forget the outside world, I take you to a place of exquisite enjoyment, a place where you can indulge your senses and embrace the pleasure. My sessions are unique with the perfect music playing in the background. I use the best oils and lotions in the market and adequate to your skin quality; so you are not only coming for a massage, you are treating your skin by the same token I am excited to take my years of Sacred Intimate experience and combine it with rhythmic body percussion, slow luxurious flogging, and a delicious menu of skilled sensation play and offer it all to you!

My intention with every man (gay, straight, or questioning) is to get him in touch with his body and help him master his erotic energy. To this end I see my practice as a Sacred Intimate from holistic place that requires me to consider harmony of the entire being: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Tell me a little about yourself and together we can craft a session that best suits your needs. Attention to your experience is the most important thing!