How does it all flows?

The massage begins with the man lying on his back with his head propped up sufficiently to gaze up at his partner. Likewise, his hips should be propped up, his legs slightly spread and knees partially bent. Prior to the actual lingam massage, both the giver and receiver should engage in a long moment of tantra breathing in order to relax and get into the right spirit of the ritual.

The partner then anoints the lingam and testicles with fragrant oil and starts the massage at the testicles. Obviously, this must be done with utmost care, and with careful observation of the man’s face for any sign of discomfort or actual pain. Particular emphasis should be given to the perineum, where the partner should linger long enough to relax this sensitive area between the anus and testicles. The massage then proceeds to scrotum, the area of the pubic bone and further upwards.

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